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Lubricant-Quenching Oil

Quenching oil

Quenching oil

RT - Quenching oil

◆ This series of products is based on hydrogenated mineral oil, and uses a variety of imported cooling accelerators and stabilizers to adjust the cooling rate and achieve a balance with other characteristics.
◆ Applying hydrogenation technology and adding a variety of antioxidants can slow down the decline of oil after receiving high energy, reduce the generation of soluble acid and sludge, thereby reducing the chance of pitting after washing, and prolong the cleaning period of the working oil pool.
◆ Using high-purity single-agent raw materials, non commercially available common chemicals intermediate mixtures, not contain other impurities that are harmful to the quenching workmanship, greatly reduces the quenching soft spot, quenching greaves, quenching black spot and other problems.
◆ Contains embellish high polymer, delays aging of cooling accelerators and carriers and maintains cooling performance.

Quenching oil

The company's testing method of cooling speed is carried out in accordance with ISO 9950, compared with JIS K2242, ISO 9950 is a testing standard adopted by many countries, and its testing method is closer to actual production conditions.
The testing equipment used by the company to  the cooling performance is directly purchased from the Swedish IVF company and sent back to China, and timely follow up on the update of the original factory computing system, kits, and models, and regularly contact the original factory technicians for equipment maintenance, Correction and elimination, the test results have high accuracy, high precision and good reproducibility, and can accurately display the changes in various time periods and temperatures, and the test data has reference value.




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