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Lubricant-Strong Molding Oil

Strong molding oil

Strong molding oil

PR - Strong molding oil

◆ Combining novel environmentally friendly lubricating materials and our company's more than 40 years of experience in operating molding media, the innovative lubricating oil products not only improve the lubricating performance by leaps, but also pay more attention to the coordination of oil products and have multiple functions.
◆ Mixed with hydrogenated mineral oil, animal and vegetable oils, synthetic oil as carrier, and mixed polymer retouch temperature denaturation, It is superior to general mineral oil in terms of lubricant and adsorption, also relatively environmental protection and each product has more than three extreme pressure composition ,It has a broad spectrum of action, can exert excellent anti sintering ability, effectively compound various ingredients, so that it does not compete to absorb, in addition to synergistic effects, it can also achieve bonuses efficacy, reduce unnecessary industrial waste.
◆ Rich in a variety of polar structures, has a good affinity for metal, and can be well attached to the metal surface, forming a lubricating film, which has the functions of smoothing and anti-wear, and reduces mold loss.
◆ Contains embellish high polymer, which can increase the mechanical strength of oil products, resist shearing, punching and high pressure.
◆ Applied antioxidant technology, prolongs the use time of oil products and slows down the decline.

Strong molding oil



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