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Lubricant- Synthetic Metalworking Fluid

Synthetic metalworking fluid

Synthetic metalworking fluid

AD - Synthetic metalwork fluid
AX - Quenching fluid
FC - Synthetic anti-rust oil

  AD - Synthetic metalwork fluid

◆ This series of products do not contain mineral oil, will be no oil fumes when using, and friendly to the environment.
◆ Using self made high molecular polymer as the main lubricant, no harmful substances such sodium nitrite and chlorine to used.
◆ The concentration of the working fluid can be changed according to the work requirements, that working fluid has specific properties and is suitable for use in changing processing environments.
◆ Contains corrosion inhibiting ingredients, not serious rust will occur because water is used as a diluent.
◆ This series of products all have anti emulsification properties, and some models have strong anti emulsification effect. After oil leakage, the working fluid is not easy to emulsify, and the oil slick can be removed in time to reduce leakage hazards.
◆ Antioxidant technology is applied to prolong the service life of working fluid.
◆ have multiple antibacterial mechanisms, can reduce the occurrence of bacteria corrosion, bacteria decay, bacteria odor and other problems.
◆ In the initial use, the use parameters should be obtained according to the craft and scene conditions. Only need to add stock solution and dilution water, with good scene management and control parameters, the working fluid can be used for more than five years.

Synthetic metalwork fluid

  AX - Quenching fluid

◆ This series of products do not contain mineral oil, there will be no oil fumes when using, and it is more friendly to the environment.
◆ This series of products use water soluble polymers with various molecular weights and high content. Compared with the water quenching liquid made of a single polymer, it has a wider cooling rate inhibition effect, and does not lose the cooling rate inhibition effect after the single molecule is completely broken, it can also be formulated at a lower concentration, and it also has the effect of inhibiting the cooling rate.
◆ The cooling rate of the working fluid can be adjusted according to the proportion of water, making it suitable for metal parts of specific size and material.
◆ The temperature of the working fluid can be controlled to adjust the cooling rate. It is recommended to adjust the concentration of the working fluid at the same time to achieve the most economical processing method.
◆ Use environmentally friendly water soluble rust inhibitor, without sodium nitrite.
◆ With multiple anti corrosion mechanisms, can slow down the problem of bacteria, acid production and odor in the working fluid.
◆ Using a weak alkaline buffer system, have a certain pH buffering capacity and is not easy to damage the skin.

Quenching fluid

  FC - Synthetic anti-rust oil

◆ This series of products does not contain mineral oil, there is no oil fumes when used, friendly to the environment, can be washed with water.
◆ This series of products adopts three anti rust prevention concepts of anaerobic, water replacement and replacement, and is realized by technology. Only one thin layer can achieve the anti rust effect, which is different from the traditional anti rust concept of thickening the coating.
◆ This series of anti rust products are water soluble and not suitable for use in direct contact with water, such as: outdoor rain shower, rain leaking warehouse, water splash processing area and other metal parts storage, suitable for use in damp heat, weak acid gas, dust and other spaces rustproof storage.
◆ The stock solution can used directly, or the stock solution added to the water tank for dilution before use. The dilution concentration can be adjusted according to different anti rust requirements.
◆ Can used by soaking, spraying, brushing, and let it dry naturally, if it is dried with hot air, it can achieve better anti rust effect.

Synthetic anti-rust oil
Synthetic metalworking fluid



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