Metal Surface Treatment-Zinc and Zinc Alloy Coating

Zinc and Zinc Alloy Coating

Zinc and Zinc Alloy Coating

(Acid zinc plating process、Non-cyanide plating process、Chloride zinc plating process、Zn-Fe alloy electroplating、Zn-Ni alloy electroplating、Zn-Sn alloy electroplating)

1- Acid zinc plating process

It won’t differentiate easily in the dry air but it will corrode in the high temperature and high humidity. Lower standard potential than steel. It is used for preventing steel from corroding. Furthermore, after the passivation or coloring process, the protection and decoration of performance will highly rise.


High cost-performance ratio and widely used.

2- Non-cyanide plating process

Belongs to the brightener system, it will generate the bright layer like mirror and efficient. Used for barrel plating and hanging plating.


1. Distribute evenly.
2. Good binding force and extensibility 
3. Nice luster
4. No need to add cleaning agent regularly and can endure 43.

3- Chloride zinc plating process

Two type, water soluble and non-ammonia. Used for hanging plating and barrel plating. Easy to control, manage and passivate.


1.Bright layer and nice binding force and extensibility.
2.High cost-performance ratio and can endure 43℃.

4- Zn-Fe alloy electroplating

Belongs to the Zn-Fe alloy plating system and the zinc layer is fine and bright. In addition, it is easy to stabilize the fluid. Contrast to the 100% zinc layer, it behaves the better protection performance and easy to coat. It is widely used for vehicles and home appliance. It can achieve 1000 HRS salt spray test with sealer on it.


1. Fine decoration 
2. It will generate the even alloy layer from high current to low.
3. Nice binding force and extensibility 
4. Used for hanging and barrel plating.  

5- Zn-Ni alloy electroplating

Bright Zn-Ni alloy layer with nice anti-corrosion. Easy to passivate with blue, rainbow and black conversion coating. The chance of hydrogen embrittlement is low. Usually used for plating automobile steel plate and also make it light and longer life-cycle. Even after 120℃ of tempering process, the plating layer still keeps nice anti-corrosion.


1. 1000 HRS salt spray test with sealer on it.
2. Contain 12~15% Ni in the plating layer.
3. Used for hanging and barrel plating.
4. Distribute evenly and nice cover.

6- Zn-Sn alloy electroplating

Generate 70% of Sn and 30% of Zinc alloy layer. Better anti-corrosion performance.


1. Nice anti-corrosion performance. 
2. Generate 70% of Sn and 30% of Zinc in the layer.
3. No Hydride, HBF4 and E450.
4.The above of agents are eligible for ELV, RoHS and WEEE.

Zinc and Zinc Alloy Coating

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